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Our focus is on quality. If you ask why, people travel all year to relieve stress, fatigue or create new jobs. We want to ensure that our customers complete their travels in the most perfect way and to ensure their first departure goals. If you experience a sad problem at the beginning of the trip, the effect will remain in your mind until the end of the trip, or a sad problem at the end of the trip will decrease your enjoyment of the trip. We create all our operations planning and services with our customers in mind. We have a corporate culture that embraces Total Quality Management and we are making successful progress with continuous improvements.

You are precious to us. Thanks. 

DYK Transfer provides services in many areas in the transport and tourism branch. Our company, which serves especially in the field of tourism transportation and airport transer, provides quality service by keeping the standards high. 

Airport Transfer Services
Transfer services of individuals or groups from the airport or from the point they wish to the airport at the specified time are carried out safely and comfortably with our specially designed modern and state-of-the-art vehicles and our expert drivers who have undergone special training in the field of driving.

Airport transfer services must be made at least 24 hours prior by telephone or via our website. DYK Transfer provides airport transfer services in different options. Choose the one that suits you best from the economical transfer options, special transfer for those who want to feel special, unobstructed transfer for those with physical disabilities and Vip transfer options.

Economical (Shared, Shuttle) Transfer
If you want to go to the airport or from the airport to your home at the most economical prices, the economical Shuttle transfer is for you.  Economical (shared, Shuttle) Transfer takes you from certain stops at certain times according to your flight time and takes you all the way to the airport. You can learn our reception times online from our wep site. When you travel from the airport to your home or hotel, you will be at the airport depending on the time of your flight's landing. dyktransfer.com we welcome you with the logo and we deliver you safely according to the stops you will land at. Our economical transfer vehicles are constantly monitored by GPS.

Economical (Shuttle ) Transfer Features;


Private Transfer Services
if you only want to transfer with your group of friends or family, you can take advantage of our special transfer hitmelerimizde. Your private driver and the vehicle you choose will be allocated to you and will receive you at your exact address at any time. If you are going to your hotel or home from the airport, you can meet with your name at the airport and reach your address. In private transfers, vehicle types vary from sedan vehicle to bus, depending on the number of people.

Special (VIP ) Transfer features;


Our professional travel and organizing team is with you. Contact us immediately to explain your dream travel plan and let our team offer you the best quality and affordable plans.

Tourism Agency Services
All kinds of transfer services of our travel agencies are provided in a safe and comfortable way with our modern and state-of-the-art vehicles and our expert drivers, in line with our security principle. We provide transfer services to Antalya and all districts. Special tours can also be made in line with the telepresence of tourism agencies.

Congressional Incentive Transfer Services
National and international congresses, symposia, workshops, scientific meetings, dealer meetings, all kinds of hotel, airport transfer services, guest satisfaction oriented and are carried out in accordance with our system. Antalya and its region now offers not only sea, sand, sun, but also extensive opportunities in terms of Congress tourism. In particular, there are extensive hotels in Belek region. Our company provides services from the airport to the hotel where the Congress will be held.

Booking and ticketing operations of the world's leading airlines, especially airlines serving Turkey dykransfer.com you can perform with the privilege. In addition to individual ticket sales through our Galileo reservation system, we provide all our guests with a different understanding through the special services, facilities and agreements provided to corporate companies with economic group tickets.

When Buying Plane Tickets

If your flight dates are set, start searching for your plane ticket about a month before the flight date. Many promotions cover 21 days before the start of the trip. Sometimes it is possible, of course, to fly very cheaply with last-minute promotions. However, this option is limited, so you are not guaranteed to find an empty seat. So if you wait for last-minute promotions, you may have some problems.

Be flexible in your flight hours. For example, people usually don't want to fly between 23:00 at night and 05:00 in the morning. Flights during these hours are usually available at very reasonable rates. Ask if special conditions apply when buying cheap tickets to airlines.

Take care to fly with the same airline on return. Because the one-way ticket prices and round-trip ticket prices are almost the same numbers, especially on your flights abroad. Therefore, it is more advantageous to buy a round-trip ticket on the same airline.

Your age can be an advantage for you. Airline companies apply discounts to students over a certain age (age 65) and students (age 24). You can fly in more advantageous conditions by asking sales representatives before booking these discounts.

Fly midweek. Monday Sunday Friday and Sunday are the highest-paid days for flights. Cheap plane tickets are hard to find these days. Tuesday, Friday and Wednesday are the best days to fly cheaply.

dykransfer.com we are glad to help you find the best ticket by conducting inquiries through the online system of dozens of airlines. We wish you all a safe flight.

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dyktransfer.com we are here with our support line 24/7 for all questions and problems that are stuck in your mind before and after your flight. dyktransfer.com you want to buy, buy or buy tickets on all kinds of questions and problems for 24/7 without saying holiday. You can call us anytime, ask us any questions you have. 

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